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River Rufabgo

River Rufabgo - White left tributary , flows into it in 2 km south section Kamennomostsky .

River Valley Rufabgo passes through rocks of different geological periods . Collapsed walls of the gorge gray , brownish , dark gray marbled thin platy limestone, placed horizontally , obliquely , and places and vertically . The depth of the canyon near the mouth of the valley Rufabgo 160 m

On the River Great Rufabgo more than 10 waterfalls of various shapes and sizes. The largest of the waterfalls - " shnurochek " which rushes down a narrow jet from a height of about 15 m water falls into the bowl , where the slowly spinning, and then along the edges of thin beds of limestone, as rushes down the stairs . An inscription in one of the waterfalls reads "Heart Rufabgo ." According to legend, a brave brave Khadzhokh , defeated in combat cruel giant Rufabgo ripped chest , took out the heart and threw it . And it turned to stone . This stone -like heart, blocked the mountain stream, which then crashes down a waterfall.

Way over Rufabgo from the mouth up is not easy , for which tourists call it a beam " tests."

Grand Gorge Rufabgo deserves protection and has the scientific and recreational value .

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