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In the south- western edge of the village is known Kamennomostsky Khadzhokhsky gorge , it's called " noise ." At a depth of 35-40 m in a gloomy ravine , a width of 7.6 m, and in some places up to 2 m, with a tremendous foaming and swirling , its waters White River . On the steep almost bare limestone canyon walls are seen deepening niches , the result of centuries of water.

The length of the gorge 350-400 meters. Throughout its length , the river rabies strikes the wall to bounced with even greater force to descend on the other. Boils and foams , as in the boiler water, breaking up into small splashes and finally escapes from captivity close stone , is slow and freely spreads up to 50-60 m in the valley .
In the past, where now the bridge ran a natural stone walkway from here and this place was called " stone bridge " .
Gray limestone canyon walls are covered with the top of the juniper below - ferns, and at the water with moss and lichen .


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