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Guzeripl - mountain village in Adygea , located on the banks of the White River near Lago-Naki plateau and is the number two houses on a single street at the foot of a steep wooded ridge. It is located approximately from Maikop and from the train station Hadzhok . The height of the area where there is a village above sea level. Around the beautiful mountains covered with beech and fir .

The name comes from the Circassian Guzeripl " gozaripl " , which means " supervisory " or " road ." The locals call this town is so because this place really can be called one of the most important observatories south of Adygea . From the village offers a magnificent view of the wide rocky ridge belt Stone sea , you can also see the highest peak of the mountain Tyrba Adygea . If you take a stroll through the village and walk to central clearing , the fine views of the White River Valley .

In summer, the village average temperature is +18 º C. In winter, temperatures of about -5-6 º C. Beautiful pine forests saturated with delicious aroma of fresh air , which is very good for health.

Rest in Guzeripl for tourists and lovers of extreme sports : every year , in the spring , in Guzeripl international competitions on rafting - " Interralli - White ." Competitors crossing the river on kayaks , canoes, pedal boats and rafts. Along with the competitions on rafting festival of author and amateur song " Primrose " .

From the village you can climb the rocky cliff to the viewing platform , visit the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve and dolmens .

Holidaymakers staying in hotels or rented accommodation in the private sector. There is a more romantic view of housing - a tent city on the banks of the White River ..



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