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Lago-Naki plateau

Lagonack Plateau - part of the range of the Western Caucasus - rises in the territory of Absheron district of Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygea Maikop district . This unique natural landscapes of different unprecedented beauty and diversity of scenic beauty that attracts millions of tourists from Russia and other countries of the world. It seems that nature is generously scattered all existing natural attractions .

Circassian Legend about the origin of the name of plateau Lagonaki.

Circassian (Adygeyan) prince Kisha had a daughter Nake by name.
Young Lago served as a shepherd at this prince, Lago perfectly well played a pipe. The princess and shepherd loved each other. Having found out about it the prince became angry Then the girl and the young man took horses in a paddock and ran to the mountains. They hastened, hoping during the night to be forwarded through Caucasian range to the sea. But they did not have time, they were overtaken with the pursuit sent by the prince.
Lago and Nake have stopped at the edge of a terrible breakage. There was no place to run further. They knew that Lago would be killed, and Nake would wait eternal shame. That's why they decided to die together. Lago has rushed from the breakage first and after Nake rushed. Their bodies the mountain river has picked up with raging waters. Since that, place, where the tragedy took place began to name Lagonaki having connected names of two in love into one name.

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