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Republic of Adygeya - Caucasus

The republic of Adygeya is located on the picturesque northern slopes of the Caucasian ridge, which are going down to fertile Kuban plain. Maykop is the administrative centre of Republic of Adygeya. Maykop is 1670 kilometers away from Moscow. The territory of the Republic is 7, 8 thousand square kilometers. The main rivers of Adygeya are the Belaya, the Kuban and the Laba. The population of the republic is 450 thousand people; about 200 thousand live in the capital city. The population of republic is represented by two main nations - Adyghe, the indigenous people, and the Russian, representing the majority of the population, and also a hundred of other nationalities.


River Rufabgo

River Rufabgo - White left tributary , flows into it in 2 km south section Kamennomostsky .

River Valley Rufabgo passes through rocks of different geological periods . Collapsed walls of the gorge gray , brownish , dark gray marbled thin platy limestone, placed horizontally , obliquely , and places and vertically . The depth of the canyon near the mouth of the valley Rufabgo 160 m



In the south- western edge of the village is known Kamennomostsky Khadzhokhsky gorge , it's called " noise ." At a depth of 35-40 m in a gloomy ravine , a width of 7.6 m, and in some places up to 2 m, with a tremendous foaming and swirling , its waters White River . On the steep almost bare limestone canyon walls are seen deepening niches , the result of centuries of water.



Guzeripl - mountain village in Adygea , located on the banks of the White River near Lago-Naki plateau and is the number two houses on a single street at the foot of a steep wooded ridge. It is located approximately from Maikop and from the train station Hadzhok . The height of the area where there is a village above sea level. Around the beautiful mountains covered with beech and fir .


Lago-Naki plateau

Lagonack Plateau - part of the range of the Western Caucasus - rises in the territory of Absheron district of Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygea Maikop district . This unique natural landscapes of different unprecedented beauty and diversity of scenic beauty that attracts millions of tourists from Russia and other countries of the world. It seems that nature is generously scattered all existing natural attractions .