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Krasnodar - the capital of the Kuban, a major cultural and economic center . The city was founded in 1793 and until 1920 was known as Ekaterinodar . Krasnodar is located on the right bank of the Kuban Krasnodar near the artificial reservoir.

An interesting fact is that the city is on the 45th parallel, exactly halfway between the north pole and the equator . Temperate climate zone determines the conditions for life. The average summer temperature - 25C . Winter near zero.

Krasnodar is located approximately two warm seas and has favorable economic and geographical position. The distance to the Black Sea just 100 km away, and a little more of Azov (120 km). Very close to mountain ranges , which also attracted many travel groups .

Both the Krasnodar and the suburb is a popular recreation area residents and visitors. Around the beautiful nature , the mass of attractions pastime. Safari Park , a circus, a lot of Cineplex and huge parks are pleased to accommodate all comers. Numerous restaurants with delicious cuisine of the Kuban and beyond, as well as cozy mini-hotel and a large high-class hotels are available to everyone who came to the south of Russia . Throughout the city are a large number of fast food outlets , including Subway and McDonalds. Krasnodar Territory , having a large number of parks and an embankment of the river Kuban , is well suited for cycling and hiking. A lot of beautiful attractions will please anyone, even the most experienced traveler.

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