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Sochi - one of the largest resorts in Russia , which is also the southernmost resort in Russia . Resort town is about 150 km of coastline. Greater Sochi resort consists of : Adler Kudepsta , Hosta , Macesta , Sochi , Dagomys, Krasnaya Polyana , Loo , Golovinka , Goa, Vardan .

In Sochi, grows a variety of exotic plants: bananas , palms , magnolia , bamboo, Norway pine, fir. Vacationers come to Sochi to enjoy a wonderful combination of mountain peaks, waterfalls and alpine lakes with affectionate warmth and open spaces of the Black Sea.

Weather in Sochi are very comfortable to relax at any time of the year . The climate is subtropical, not peculiar to the latitude of the globe. Sochi is a year-round : the sun shines here 300 days a year, so the swimming season begins in May and ends in late October.

Sochi sanatorium used to treat matsestinskie mineral springs . Also used in spas Sochi mud treatment . With the latest technology and natural resources in Sochi sanatorium treat diseases of the circulatory system , nervous system , musculoskeletal system and connective tissue , reproductive organs , skin and subcutaneous tissue , respiratory , digestive, urinary tract , eye disease , endocrine organs and metabolism.

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