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Cherkessk - the capital of Karachay -Cherkess Republic

Cherkessk - the capital of Karachay -Cherkess Republic. Has a favorable geographical position , being located in the Caucasus, on the right bank of the Kuban River . The population of 120.4 thousand people . Total area of ​​the urban area 69.8 square meters. km . Remarkable ethnic composition of the population , bringing together representatives from more than 80 nations.

Cherkessk - the center of a unique multi-national culture. Here are successfully operating four state theaters , three museums , libraries eighteen , a leading place among them belongs to the Universal Library Karachay -Cherkess Republic, the state dance ensemble "Elbrus" and the city Cossacks Song and Dance Ensemble , Philharmonic Society , the Republican radio and television , cultural centers and children's creativity.

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