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Dombai - a mountainous area in Karachay -Cherkessia in the Kuban basin in the North Caucasus ( Russia ) . Hence, in a straight line 65 km to the summit of Mount Elbrus and 65 km to the coast of the Black Sea.

The southern boundary of Dombey - Main Caucasian Ridge . The highest point - the top - Dombay ELGIUM ( Dombai- Ul'gen ) height 4046 meters.
Connect the three major canyons : Dombey - Alibek , Amanauz and Dombai- ELGIUM - forms a natural center of the territory - a picturesque glade Dombayskoy lying at an altitude of 1630-1650 meters above sea level.
Dombai - not an administrative concept, and its boundaries are not strictly surveying notation. It is modern, though going back to tradition , the name of the upper Teberda River - a major tributary of the Kuban , which unites several gorges , originating from the Greater Caucasus mountain range.

The word " dombai " means in Karachaevsky " bison " in Dombai once roamed the forests of whole herds of mighty giants . The name of the highest mountain in the area Dombai- ELGIUM , in the language of the original inhabitants of these places means " dead bison ." There is another version that Dombai field was named in honor of the hunter named Dommay that chasing tours , killed the beast, but did not hold down a steep hill and crashed into the abyss .

Dombai - one of the modern leisure centers and sports, mountaineering , ski and tourist mecca of the Greater Caucasus . Currently Dombayskoy glade runs a tourist complex of 12 hotels. The capacity of the existing ski trails Dombey can serve up to 200 thousand people a year. The ski area is located at an altitude of 1800-3200 m , the length of trails with varying degrees of about 12 km and a maximum elevation of 1400 m , 6 queues chairlift . The descent from the top of the ridge Mussa- Achitara can be done on the top ten choices trails with varying degrees slope , complexity and speed that can satisfy the tastes and experienced and novice skiers. With Dombayskoy clearing hosted many hiking and equestrian trails. There deltadrom .

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