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Blue Lake

Blue Lake is located at the foot of the Rocky Range , before a grand BlackRock . The lake is unique: with a relatively small area , only 2.4 hectares, has a depth of 254 meters. This is the sixth in a deep lake in the former USSR and the second in the world in the depth of the source and the karst aquifer is a karst pit with steep walls . Very peculiar microclimate of the lake.

Surface water temperatures in winter and summer is 9,3 ° C. In the lake does not fall into any of the creek and river , and follows every day about 70 million liters. Because of the presence of hydrogen sulfide water has a blue tint. Just beyond the blue lake begins gorge gorge. The road passes high above the river , a narrow carved into a cliff ledge . Overhanging cliffs above the road . Unique feeling ! Here punched tunnels whose length is more than 800 meters.

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