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Adygea celebrates the Circassian new year

On the night of 21 March 22, every year, the Circassians around the world celebrating the New Year in the Circassian (Adyghe) calendar.

It has an astronomical studies and is associated with the spring equinox - "Ghere chire shizehech", when day length is equal to the duration of the night. From that moment the day starts to add, marking the new cycle of nature - the New Year.

Republic of Adygea celebrates this day with different happy occasions . In the main square of the capital Maykop, singing and dancing performances and various games are held.

In ancient times, the New Year was observed by the appearance of the sky constellations - "Many Stars", Vaghabe - "Vaghabe chim qikhechigh", as well as to monitor the point of sunrise. For this special megalithic structures were built. This day is celebrated according to the Circassian tradition.






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